Over the years, I should say. I don't have this many animals at one time.
  1. Kitty-Boy the cat
    I think I was only seven years old.
  2. Dora the anole lizard
    Named after one of the twins in Anne of Green Gables.
  3. Tarzan, the anole lizard formerly known as Dora
    After I figured out, Dora was actually a boy. I named him Tarzan because that's all I could think of for a boy. I was nine.
  4. Cleopatra Sunshine the cat
    Because I was a very dramatic 16-year-old.
  5. Gizmo the cat
    Because what I really wanted was Gizmo the pre-gremlin
  6. Lily the cat
    I was just sad the two-year-old Mo-Mo disappeared, and wasn't feeling creative.
  7. Lola the cat
    Then Lily died when she was only six months old. My aunts gave me a kitty she rescued that had a tail that looked exactly like a feather. Her name was Lola…
  8. Baylor the cat
    Then Lola got hit by a car, just two months after I got her. So I got a kitten the name him Baylor after my favorite character in the Yaya sisterhood books.
  9. Bella the cat
    Not, named after Bella the vampire. But she should've been. She is a serious pain in the ass.
  10. Dexter the rescue dog
    Named after Dexter from the show.
  11. FYI, that is two cats and one small dog currently.