Plenty of fish?
  1. I am not the best candidate for a dating website
  2. I have had five boyfriends between the ages of 16-33
  3. I am now 36
  4. So, I chance this website last year
  5. Make it clear I want to get to know someone and do not feel cool with meeting up right away
  6. Hello. I am 2.5 hours from Seattle, 25 minutes from Portland. I know how many creepers cruise the area.
  7. Most guys... I give respect. Even though "hi" "u r cute" "what up" and "yo" are the responses.
  8. I try to be nice and reply, even to the two letter salutations.
  9. I mean, Charlotte couldn't fill her web with 6 of these dudes' words.
  10. One guy, seems to ignore or not even look at my bio... Friends first, dating later...
  11. This guy asks me to drinks and a Blazer game. After commending me on my hotness. Yeah, thanks, my skills, life experience, and wisdom shaped my face...
  12. Sarcasm aside...
  13. I politely thanked him for the offer and said I was looking for friends and taking things slowly (as my bio apologeticly stated already)
  14. And why did I feel apologetic to say that in my bio? Here is why:
  15. The dude writes back:
  16. "wow. Turn down a legitimate date? Why are you on this site? At least I have the guts to ask someone out."
  17. ...wait for it...
  18. He finished with: "fuck u. have fun hiding behind your keyboar."
  19. Yes! He ignored my profile, talked about my looks and asked me out, then getting pissy when I said no...
  20. But... Hide behind my keyboar???
  21. Thank you thank you thank you, for misspelling keyboard, you asshole.
  22. I was almost feeling like I had done something wrong. Until... Keyboar.
  23. Damn if that isn't like telling someone off, then falling off a dock into a lake.
  24. So, I had the pleasure of writing back:
  25. "I LOVE my keyboar and will happily hide behind it from people like you. You F ing creep!"
  26. (then I quickly blocked him for fear of his retaliation to my response)
  27. And I quit the website, too.
  28. I 💕 my keyboar.
  29. Keyboar!!!!!