Requested by @BWN_7
  1. Damn you, @BWN_7
  2. List requests
  3. Getting dressed for the day
  4. Brushing my teeth
  5. Sending back my Medium (more like, XXL shirt to Groupon within 14 days--down to 7--🤔)
  6. Client notes
  7. "Driven to Distraction at Work"
  8. Cleaning my bathroom toilets 🚽😷
  9. Trying Bumble for more than a week (12 hours down)⏰
  10. Asking @DanaDigsYou for advice on Bumble, since she uses it. 🐝
  11. My free-hand astrological chart aka unnecessary project I started instead of working on Sunday. It is all kinds of circle-crooked.
  12. Getting ready for work.
  13. This list.
  14. Putting my phone away.
  15. And 99 other things that are ALL problems. And something finished ain't one.
  16. 'Cuz nothing is finished!!!
  17. Curing ADD.