Trade seats with the therapist

Hi, I am Sarah. I am a counselor.
  1. I think I have vaguely revealed that on here; afraid to be shut out.
  2. I mostly work with children, teens, and families.
  3. I specialize in areas of foster care, adoption, trauma, defiance, attachment issues, etc.
  4. I want to have a conversation with YOU, my listamily©
  5. What is weird about counselors?
  6. Do you want to know what I am thinking when I meet you?
  7. Any questions...I will answer honestly.
  8. This job is so odd.
  9. I started it because of my love, acceptance, and empathy for people.
  10. It now takes up most my time and energy.
  11. It feels weird to be paid, sometimes.
  12. I connect with people, but legalities and ethics prohibit friendship.
  13. Anyway, if you ever want to know what your counselor is thinking...
  14. I will tell you!!!!