This list is Trumped-up.
  1. Son of a Trump.
  2. Frankly my dear, I don't give a Trump.
  3. Yo mama a Trump.
  4. You have to be Trumping kidding me.
  5. Go to Trump!
  6. Trump you!
  7. Trump-hole.
  8. What the Trump?
  9. We are all going to Trump in a hand-bag.
  10. Trump it!
  11. I'm gonna go take a Trump.
  12. What are you, some kind of Trump-hole?
  13. Who you calling a Trump?
  14. This place smells like Trump.
  15. Get the Trump outta here!
  16. I will kick the Trump out of you.
  17. Not cool. Not Trumping cool.
  18. Trump off!
    Suggested by @edge
  19. Go Trump yourself
    Suggested by @migmags
  20. Go suck a Trump? (Yuck)
    Suggested by @egiuffri