Treated myself!
  1. I look so sad and sidewise, with gray hairs. The gray hairs are fine, but damn, why am I taking crooked boo-hoo pix at 11pm on Valentine's Day?
  2. As V-Ice would say:
  3. Yo SNK! Let's kick it!
  4. Vice, vice baby. Vice, vice baby.
  5. All right stop. Dye your grays and listen
  6. Mask your face and pay attention
  7. You have no date this year rightly!
  8. Will you ever shop? Yo I dunno!
  9. If I turn off the lights, you J-Lo
  10. To the mainstream you gotta try like a call girl
  11. Do something hot and watch me be proud of you!
  12. Ok, all jokes aside and no more Vanilla Ice rhymes (sorry, I should not be such a tease)...I did dye my hair, mask my face, and had a drink (I mean 🍸🍸🍷3) drinks to treat myself!!!!)
  13. And this is what I really look like. My peace-out salute with crazy hair...