Inspired by @torrami
  1. Do not worry about the "popular" girls who rule the school.
    They stop talking to each other just a few years after graduation.
  2. Every guy who dissed you in high school...hits on you throughout your twenties.
    (Maybe move out of town)
  3. It was a very good choice to be nice to all 400 kids in your year.
    You will hear from them, randomly, that they appreciated you being nice.
  4. Be OK with being a crowd-hopper!
    You will be happy to maintain friends despite high school politics.
  5. Do NOT put-out if you do not feel good about it!
    Not only will you feel crappy...the boys will talk. A lot.
  6. Take pictures.
    It will help you understand your journey.
  7. Keep your personal notes and journals.
    They will be hilarious, poignant, cringe-worthy, and priceless.
  8. It is okay that you stalled and killed the 5-speed Camry 3x in a row, with a bus full of kids behind you and laughing...
    In your 30s, you will know a surprising amount of people who cannot drive a stick shift.
  9. It is ok to love Bone Thugs and Harmony.
    See you at the crossroads...
  10. It is fine to graduate a virgin.
    Your sex life is nobody's business.
  11. Appreciate your parents.
    Damn, they put up with a lot.