I may have a panic attack
  1. Visited my draft folder. Half are irrelevant now. *Thought* what if we traded drafts, in case they were good lists for others?
  2. Flashback: Trading spelling quizzes with the smart kid to be graded. 😳
  3. Flashback: Turning in rough drafts, knowing the whole point was to have the teacher critique, red-line, and it was just a failure set-up. 🙄
  4. Flashback: The peer-review round table situations in college. Pretentious peers show off their vocabulary. 😒
  5. Flashback: Someone else does my story idea better than me in journalism. 😔
  6. That was a LOT of reminders of why I need to get out and exercise...I live in my head! Off to run before the triple digits hit in the Portland area! 😘
  7. ...we could have a "drafts draft"...like a pro sports team. Where we compile a draft list, assign an order, each pick a draft, then each make a list of our new draft pick...🤔
  8. WLA
    World List Association ? 🙄