Life is super messy but also delightful. As I begin to prep for tomorrow I am reflecting on what I am grateful for:
  1. The weather cooking off in LA
    It's always cold, or rather LA cold, by thanksgiving
  2. A long weekend ahead
    Full of family, friends in from out of town, pumpkin pie and lots of carbs
  3. Little by little I am figuring things out
    I've gained more clarity about my life and my hopes and dreams in the past few months. I'm still super in the dark about what it will look like but I'm gaining faith that I'm headed in the right direction.
  4. Every year it gets better
    It just does. I'm especially grateful for the growth this past year has brought me.
  5. My ability to think for myself, become more rooted in my values and authentic self
    How can I show up for myself, every day? As my best most aligned being? For the sake of happiness?
  6. White wine with Brie, prosciutto and good conversation
  7. The unknown
    Gratitude for that which scares me. Fostering a kinder more curious relationship with that which cannot be seen.