Things you may or may not know about the infamous Natasha Sky Lipson
  1. I am chronically early
    I don't remember the last time I was late to something. I arrive most places I go anywhere between 5-45 minutes early. Even when I am "running late," in actuality I have just shaved off time from my early window.
  2. I used to collect Altoid tins as a small child
  3. I named my first cellphone Sam and built him a house out of boxes with a garage
  4. The first penis I saw was Alexis Domensain's in Kindergarten when I opened the door on him peeing
  5. I have immaculate handwriting
    134591 ae076af8 e12c 4d7f 87ed 7c9045d2e648
    It comes in many different forms. Each pen and paper I write with yields a different result. This week I'm experimenting with small uppercase lettering.
  6. Many of my life milestones have occurred in the days or weeks surrounding a major birthday
    First kiss, getting my braces off, losing my virginity, smoking pot for the first time
  7. I was depressingly flat chested until the tenth grade when God came through
  8. I have very small feet
    I'm a size 5.5, 6 on a really good day. Buying shoes is really difficult for me.
  9. I didn't weigh 100 pounds until I was 17
    Before the great weigh gain of 2010 I was always under 100 pounds.