Season seven, part two.
  1. Re watch all of Season 7, Part 1
    Just binged 5/7 eps with @miragonz last night.
  2. Keep wondering if Joan (Christina Hendricks) lost a ton of weight?
  3. Follow Kiernan Shipka's Instagram ruthlessly
  4. Start asking people if they think Don is going to die
  5. Re watch all seasons with the notion that Don is going to die
  6. Wonder how they could end the best show on TV any other way
  7. Look back fondly on the days where you were so obsessed with the show that you would not let your family members make predictions about the ending
  8. Get dope fucking acrylics like your name is Betty Fucking Draper Francis
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  9. Think about how if there's anyone in the world you want to have sex with its Jon Hamm
  10. Buy some Canadian Club and get ready for a wild ride