It's the little things that make all the difference in your space (I want to hashtag interior design but we aren't doing hashtags here but at least now it'll come up if searched)
  1. Textiles in the form of pillows
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    Indigo, batik, mudcloth, and bogolanfini. These words should be your best friends. Splurge with or go to etsy and support small artists like and
  2. Succulents
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    Bring green into your home! Succulents give texture and color into any space. Put them in adorable pots:
  3. An all white duvet
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    This is my personal preference. Go to and treat yourself to percale perfection
  4. Art on your walls
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    Shameless plug but if you haven't seen my dads photography you're missing out (Yes I love succulents)
  5. A small rug
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