1. The Disney Channel.
    How they can watch the same episodes over and over I no longer understand.
  2. Spaghetti/carbs.
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    Check out this carb-o-holic
  3. Breathing all over me/getting me sick
    They just ooze fluid.
  4. Touching my breasts
    This goes out to the under five crowd. Still looking for milk and thinking I have any!
  5. Calling me "Matasha."
    This one is triggering since like none of my friends could say my name either when I was a babe
  6. Testing my limits.
    Kids think a babysitter is the best opportunity to bend the rules, tell white lies and gently manipulate! Last night I put a kid to sleep and twice he snuck out of his room to watch Disney channel in his parents bed. The house isn't that big I can hear the TV bro!! Let it slide for twenty mins tho cause like, I'm a chill sitter.
  7. The Book With No Pictures.
    @bjnovak seriously it's in every house I sit for. Whenever I see it I tell them I know the person who wrote the book and then look at me in wild disbelief and amazement. Then I read it to them and they love it and tell me it's their favorite book ever.