1. The first sip of coffee in the morning
  2. Standing waist deep in a 118 degree mineral hot spring on the rocky coast of Big Sur looking out onto the never ending horizon and concluding that all suffering up until that point has been worth it just to feel joy and relief this strong
  3. Speaking your truth to an audience of filled with family and peers and knowing your life means something to other people. Your pain can be sublimated into concrete art. People can find healing through it.
  4. Seeing your favorite artist live in concert in the tiniest venue and he is standing inches away and you are crying tears of happiness and you follow him out after the show and he stops in the dead of desert night to meet you, to acknowledge you, to thank you for thanking him
  5. Your mother's arms and her chest that you can still bury your head into and wonder if she still feels the key turning in the lock in her own heart
  6. Lying on your back on the coast of Big Sur hearing the waves crash onto the rocks and knowing there is beauty in this world, there is a force much greater than you and you find peace and transcend your very body. You have died and gone to heaven's shore.