...I have only myself to blame...
  1. Getting cozy in bed knowing very well I have yet to brush my teeth, wash my face, take my allergy meds and supplements
  2. Eating pasta in the middle of the day
    This always makes me sleepy
  3. Having just one more cup of coffee when I'm perfectly caffeinated
  4. Having one more drink when I'm perfectly buzzed
  5. Painting my nails right before I have to eat, shower, do dishes or leave my house
  6. Messing up my room right after I clean it
  7. Watching one more episode of The Good Wife when I have to be up early
  8. Saying I'll clean up later after cooking
    Famous last words
  9. Eating any kind of pastry
    check out my fatigue and wheat induced headache!!! I gave this to myself!
  10. Not eating breakfast when I have a big day ahead
  11. Drinking a lot of water before a long car trip
  12. Napping after 3:30 pm