In the past four weeks I've had the rare and amazing fortune of meeting my favorite actor, twice. Here are some observations:
  1. His eyes are green.
    I never noticed this on Mad Men but IRL his eyes are the most beautiful green
  2. His hand shake is as firm as his soul.
    This man can shake a hand, like really well. His handshake is confident and connecting, very assertive and yet gentle.
  3. He is really kind.
    When I approached him for the second time at the Minions premier and told him about meeting him a few weeks ago at the Mad Men premier he said "nice to see you again," as if we knew each other.
  4. He's playful and earnest and doesn't have a big ego.
    This might be a projection but my impression is that he is a humble man, has an amazing sense of humor and is a total sweetheart
  5. He's a mensch.
    He just is. I can tell.