My bedroom and I have gone on a little design journey together, to find out what we both want, love and need. Follow me on Instagram @natashalip to see the rest of my redesign progress as I finish this baby up.
  1. Earlier this summer, when I was awake at night feeling dissatisfied with the design of my bedroom, It looked like this:
    Excuse the junk
  2. Then, after ordering a duvet from west elm it looked like this:
  3. Then...I decided I hate the west elm duvet, and that Pendleton blanket had to be returned to my mother. And I buy two pieces of west elm furniture on Craigslist, and gave my desk, dresser and nightstand
  4. And then I bought a great rug in Colorado, hung up one of my dads photos, borrowed a throw pillow and a scarf as a placeholder and finally invested in a beautiful duvet from Parachute home
  5. One step closer...I get a gorgeous indigo throw as a birthday gift.
  6. Finally, I install blinds from IKEA and coat my room in decorators white
  7. What's left? A sheepskin throw, hanging my gallery wall, a new bedside table lamp (see previous list), a throw for the end of my bed, decor for my dresser, and some kind of accent for the corner, either a small chair, table or lamp
  8. Update: I hung some of my art