Who knew being bad could feel so good?
  1. Good girls straighten their hair, bad girls rarely wash their hair but it looks good anyway
  2. Good girls pierce each of their ears with 1-2 holes, bad girls pierce their nose, their septum and or (REALLY bad girls,) their nipples
  3. Bad girls have tattoos, good girls have a friend who has a lot of tattoos
  4. Good girls wear bras with underwire from Victoria's Secret, bad girls wear flimsy lace camisoles that show their possibly pierced nipples
  5. Good girls are shy and either don't have opinions or keep their opinions to themselves, bad girls tell you exactly what they are thinking
  6. Good girls wear Tory Burch and Michael Kors, bad girls look good without showing you what brand they are wearing
  7. Good girls don't masturbate or talk about sex, bad girls know where other bad girls keep their vibrators
  8. Good girls have sex with the lights off in missionary under the covers, bad girls do things that don't get written about on the list app
  9. Bad girls have electric blood
  10. Good girls don't know what's good for them
  11. Bad girls are the life of the party and the life of life. They are beautiful and sad and tragic and powerful and alive and free.