Some of the things and people in life that bring me THE most joy begin with the letter M
  1. Mad Men
    Seasons 1-7 from Don to Joan to Peggy to Roger to Sally to Betty, I love this show.
  2. Mid Century Modern Furniture
    Makes my heart skip a beat
  3. MUJI
    Being inside MUJI, which is like a Japanese container store, is like being on Xanax while someone organizes my thoughts into clear acrylic boxes with tiny white labels
  4. Marie Kondo
    Japanese cleaning guru and the best thing that's ever happened to me. I am currently approaching every object in my house and asking it if it sparks joy.
  5. Miniatures
    Miniature replicas or versions of smaller things fit into the mini compartments of my heart like Martyoshka dolls (perfectly)
  6. Mom
    My mom is the love of my life
  7. Mira
    My ride-or-die, partner in crime, best friend who fills my life with joy @miragonz
  8. Misha
    My first dog may he rest in peace, was the very best
  9. Mark Lipson
    My very cool, loving dope father