Some questions I had to answer for animal control
  1. Please try and classify your bird
    It's pretty and looks like it could've been a hummingbird when it still had eyes
  2. How long has the bird been dead?
    Answer: "Greater than 24 hours - Birds dead more than a day have eyes that are sunken and/or dried out." Good!
  3. What condition is the bird in?
    Please select all that apply: 1. Ants (yes), 2. Baby bird (what?), 3. Maggots (looks like it,) 4. Trauma/Missing limbs (yes) 5. None of the above
  4. Any existential thoughts you have about this bird that died in your driveway?
    How did it die? Look at all these insects feeding on it, maybe death really is ok and necessary for the rest of the universe to continue functioning. There's something horrifically beautiful about the way it is decaying from the top down, sinking back into the earth.