Seriously just objects
  1. A stuffed animal at a hotel when I was very young. I have a faint memory of driving to where the laundry was done looking for it. This memory is so old and vague that maybe it was a dream.
  2. A Velcro wallet that I got from UCLA that had fifty bucks cash inside that I brought to elementary school one day and forgot had cash inside. Went to USC for college because of this theft obviously.
  3. A Gap pink key-hole stretchy sweater. Material akin to those weirdly textured Michael Stars shirts. Lost it in Chinatown with my dad and @Z when I was about seven. Found out a few months later that matter could not be created nor destroyed and felt calmed about my lost sweater.
  4. A platinum necklace that said love (with the Chinese love symbol) and a small diamond that I got for my bat mitzvah. Jennifer Anniston had the same one. I'd still wear it if it never ran away. I still look for it when I clean out old things.
  5. A Tiffany necklace to my freshman dorm room.
  6. My little Mujj notebook that has my initials in gold stickers on the front. Have you seen it? I've checked my car like five times.