Idk I just turned 23 which marks my 23rd year of living in Venice (wait, first time looking at the number 23 written out, is that really my age? What's my age again?) anyway, times are a changing especially the lil street I was born on. What do we miss about what Venice used to be? @Z @zoe @maya @miragonz @nc17 @anda
  1. Being able to see Palm trees when I looked out my window, not steel and glass
  2. Tortilla Grill
  3. The homeless
    I know this sounds weird but it's disturbing to walk down AK and pass abbots habit without seeing a homeless person
  4. Hal's
  5. The AK festival when it was small and cute
  6. That mermaid tail sculpture in windward circle
    Suggested by @Z
  7. Venice beach playground with that weird slide made out of horizontal metal bars
    Suggested by @Z
  8. Granola woo woo shops run by leathery psychedelic Venice native ladies - no Steven Alan/raw denim/ $1K sunglasses boutique shit
    Suggested by @anda
  9. Entire blocks of all small old Spanish style bungalows with unfenced lawns, not a craftsman eyesore or concrete & rusted copper monolith in sight
    Suggested by @anda
  10. Artists and lefty activists and old weirdos and middle/working class families, none of whom are developers or web billionaires or Europeans in jorts and boat shoes
    Suggested by @anda