A pre-Valentine's day love letter @miragonz is 💯💯🙌💯🙌💯🙌💯
  1. She is so smart
    Mira is plain and simple smart. She gets it. Our brains work on the same wavelength. She understands life in a really wise, astute way.
  2. She is fun
    Mira knows how to have a good time. She is down for whatever. Want to smoke weed in your pajamas? Mira is your girl. Want to go to a gay strip club? Mira will be glad to join you. Want to make pancakes while listening to Taylor Swift? Mira is great at this.
  3. She is talented
    You may or may not have read her book of poetry. Mira has a unique take on life and knows how to put it to words.
  4. She is funny
    She can make me laugh for ever and ever. This is part of being smart and talented too.
  5. She is beautiful
    Gaga you look so good!!!! Inside and out.
  6. She is good with her hands
    Mira can untie any tiny knot or braid my hair or cut vegetables with precision I can only admire. She has a strong grasp on the physical world via her literal finger tips.
  7. She loves me unconditionally
    Mira, from the beginning of our friendship has had an effect on me where I reveal my entire self, especially the insane weird parts, and she has embraced them.
  8. She knows Taylor Swift is a musical genius
    Many people are embarrassed to listen to Taylor Swift. Mira shamelessly knows all the words to even her most obscure songs.
  9. She is a badass lady through and through.
    Mira is tough yet soft. She's got my back and I love her forever.