1. Because my new duvet came in the mail so I had to struggle for forty minutes to put it on
  2. Because now that my bed is in the center of my room my Big Sur Polaroid collection is off center and being cut off by my pillows
  3. Because I can no longer tolerate having sheets for curtains and need IKEA blackout blinds but the sizes aren't correct and I don't know what it will take to install them
  4. Because I'm hungry as f
  5. Because I can't find a throw pillow that matches my new duvet
  6. Because my throw blanket is old and reminds me of college and all my dorm rooms but also now conveniently matches my duvet but like should I throw it out
  7. Because people are still misinterpreting the Mad Men ending
  8. Because my lips are super chapped
  9. Because I am so awake!!
  10. Because I am actually really tired and can't even get up from the chair I'm in to brush my teeth