Women Who Are Invited to My Sleepover Party

/What They Can Bring
  1. Amy Schumer
    A promise that she would consider being Hillary's running mate
  2. Shonda Rimes
    An answer as to why you killed a certain someone in Greys?!?? I think about this all the time
  3. Saint Vincent
    Her number so we can plan double dates
  4. JK Rowling
    Please tell us all what house we would be in
  5. Laverne Cox
    Beauty tips
  6. Abbi & llana
  7. Ruth Bader Ginsberg
    Grade A mother fucking shade
  8. Lena Dunham
    The opportunity to thank her for writing GIRLS because I think it's very important
  9. Adele
    A nannying job offer
  10. Michelle Obama
    Skinny Girl Tequila if that is a thing, healthy snacks
  11. Ellen Page
    Stories about filming Gaycation
  12. Cookie Lyon
    A list of disses and put downs I can pocket and use when needed
  13. Mindy Kaling
    The chance to ask her questions about the last chapter of Why Not Me because I think about this idea of entitlement all the time
  14. Beyoncé