Almost 19, a freshman in college
  1. We had an amazing view
  2. I met people from Southern California for the first time, and therefore introduced to: Reef flip flops as a legitimate shoe choice, surfers, and Sublime.
  3. Wore mostly vintage clothing, sailor's jeans from the Army-Navy surplus, Candie's platforms, OP surf style shorts and those girl cut graphic tees with scenes of sunsets in them.
    God, it's still my aesthetic. The wooden shoes are just more expensive now
  4. Voted in my first election, for Hillary Clinton's husband
    And voted to legalize medicinal marijuana.
  5. I had a fake leather jacket like this that I wore all the time.
    I loved that thing
  6. I smoked cigarettes occasionally. Cloves were my favorite.
  7. Was a few weeks away from meeting my husband, but we wouldn't date for another year.
    Met in a Latin American studies section, had the worst TA ever. "Mexico doesn't count as Latin America, but tell me more, surf bro, about your surf trip to Costa Rice."🙄