I don't work for Swedish Hasbeens, but I wish I did. It's always nice weather here in Los Angeles, so I wear these about 10 months of the year.
  1. Peep Toe High in Natural. These were my first pair. Perfect height, but comfy as hell, but look like heels. They wear beautifully. The leather only gets better:
  2. Lacy Sandal in Bordeaux, needed something closed toed and brown. I feel like a hot senior in Dazed and Confused when I wear with flared jeans.
  3. Peep Toe High in Red. God these are the greatest shoes ever. Everyone remembers these.
  4. Super High Silver Fredericas. I feel like a 70's queen
  5. Heart Sandal in black. These are possibly even more comfy and sexier than my beloved peep toes.