1. Men who talk at you
    No actual interest in the woman they are talking to. My husband got so defensive when I was trying to express this concept to him. #NotAllMen 🙄Then I gave him like 5 examples and he nodded his head, and thought of a couple more.
  2. Dudes named Florian
  3. People named Andy
    There was a girl Andy who was mean to my kid at camp.
  4. People who say false eyelashes are easy to apply
    They are liars
  5. NRA stickers
  6. Super strong child rearing opinions
    I have found that very little is black or white with regards to parenting.
  7. Mentioning chem trails in conversation
  8. Off leash pittbulls
  9. Stick figure family decals on their van
    Suggested by @Boogie