A requested list from another badass (as well as kind and generous) former staff member.
  1. Hire and Retain Badass Employees
    If possible, make sure they are smarter than you. Make sure your inherited team has existing badasses or turn them into one quickly. If a person does not have the constitution for badassery, they don't belong on your team.
  2. Admit You Don't Know Jack Shit When You Don't Know Jack Shit
    Be honest about your knowledge base. You can learn a lot from a good team or learn together.
  3. Ignore Social Protocols Regarding Cussing at the Office
    Sometimes it's a shitty day or that caller was a fucking idiot. It has to be said.
  4. Remember That Life is as Important as Work.
    Pets get sick, cable guy needs to come over, cars break down. Give your people space and time to deal with life.
  5. Bring Bacon For Snack
    Beats donuts every time.