Suspected Situations of Nearby Dinner Mates

  1. Man Alone at the Bar
    Mike Brady button down, white wine, fancy ring, right hand fashionable watch, left hand bracelet- Looking for love in all the wrong places.
  2. Mom, Baby and Toddler
    Work Polo, sensible shoes, ponytail, large Coke- Single mom, exhausted. Remind me to hold the door if we leave at the same time.
  3. Table of 5 Women
    Early 30s -40s, spring clothing, giggles, cell phones out, multiple mixed drinks in giant glasses- Girls night out, good times, thank goodness I don't have to cook.
  4. Teenager, Older Parents
    My Spring Break f-ing sucks!!!!!
  5. 50+ Year Old Couple at the Bar
    Him - Cowboy hat, goatee, plaid shirt. Her- Denim shirt, fresh manicure, Intermittent distant stare- Blind date? Coukd he/she be the one?