1. Coworkers. They've all earned a special place in my heart. Each partner has their own unique sass, humor, and sparkle. I've never fallen in love with so many people in such a short time.
  2. Free drinks/ food. Before working at my store I was a regular. That's where a lot of my money went. BUT OH HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED!! Starbucks pays ME now, and if I'm not working a shift my partners still hook it up with that partner beverage button.
  3. The Regulars. We have some people that I consider friends that I only know because they're regulars. Two of them fixed my car for me. There are these tough guy bikers that come in and order they're fraps all special and personalized (total sweethearts. I've learned to let go of all stereotype judgement). Some of them drive us nuts but we love em.
  4. Cops. Perk #48 of being a partner is that you get to know the cops that come in. There's an understanding between the two professions. We don't charge them for drinks(if we can get away with it) and they'll let us off with a warning if we get pulled over(keep your apron in the passenger seat!). Bonus: I'm not scared of cops anymore! They're human.
  5. Creativity. Once you know how to make the drinks, you can get crafty with them. You can make your macchiato foam thicker so the caramel doesn't sink in. You can design your syrup drizzles on clear cups and whip. You get to master the art of presentation. Also, on a slow shift you can experiment with new combos of flavors. Not always a victory.
  6. Money. Obviou$ly.
  7. Experience. Starbucks gives you a ton of customer service experience, increasing your patience, willpower, critical thinking, and capacity for bullshit. You develop a thick skin when you deal with people who want to murder you for forgetting to add EXTRA EXTRA caramel drizzle on their extra caramel caramel frappucino(nonfat milk; I'm on a diet).