Dobby Needed To Be Stopped

He's V problematic and his obsession with socks is a low key red flag.
  1. Here we meet the unsub - Dobby the House Elf
    Yes "unsub" as in Criminal Minds. Leave me alone.
  2. At first he's seemingly innocent.
    I mean having been obviously tortured/spit upon, Harry has a justified reason to let out a tear and feel bad for him.
    Dobby is a twat.
  4. @ Dobby. Why are you the way that you are?
  5. Sir, you are potentially damaging a perfectly good dresser.
    He has no regard for HP's personal belongings. Not to mention Uncle Chubs will lose his shit.
  6. Damages Exhibit B:
    That ain't your mail. Can you even read?
  7. Don't break HP's only source of light in his jail cell of a bedroom.
  8. Look, you already caused HP to lose his bones, so don't fuck up his medicine.
    He has a noodle for an arm, it's not like he can fight you to take the bottle back.
  9. Look at this smug little piece of shit.
    You stopped Lucius true, but that's only one redemption for your laundry list of errors.
  10. In conclusion, Dobby is a elf-sized tornado.
  11. And his obsession with socks is questionable.
    Why only socks? Sure, HP gifted you freedom with them, but you have other body parts to cover. Explain.