If 2016 Was A Year, It'd be 2016

Inspired by @joeyphillips Let the dragging commence.
  1. If 2016 was a song it'd be Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. Too long and unnecessary.
  2. If 2016 was a soda, it'd be Beverly.
    The one at World of Coke that tastes like earwax
  3. If 2016 was a basketball player, it'd be Dennis Rodman
  4. If 2016 was a football player, it'd be OJ Simpson
  5. If 2016 was a live performance, it'd be Mariah Carey's NYE performance.
  6. If 2016 was a reality show, it'd be Jersey Shore.
  7. If 2016 was a comedian, I would be Bill Cosby
    Suggested by   @joeyphillips
  8. If 2016 was a band, it would be Nickleback.
    Suggested by   @kaitlinkav
  9. If 2016 was a planet, it would be Pluto
    Suggested by   @joeyphillips
  10. If 2016 were a haircut...
    Suggested by   @heatherforsure
  11. If 2016 was a makeup tutorial...
    Suggested by   @heatherforsure
  12. If 2016 were a dog...
    Suggested by   @heatherforsure
  13. If 2016 was a snow cone flavor, it'd be pickle.
  14. If 2016 was a Star Wars character, it would be Jar Jar Binks
    Even I know that
    Suggested by   @kaitlinkav
  15. If 2016 was a villian, it'd be Peter Pettigrew
    Y I K E S.
  16. If 2016 were a skateboarder...
    Suggested by   @heatherforsure
  17. If 2016 was sanity, it would be Kanye West
    Suggested by   @joeyphillips
  18. If 2016 was a professor, it would be Dolores Umbridge.
    Suggested by   @kaitlinkav
  19. If 2016 were a jelly bean, it would be day old, chewed up vomit-rottenegg-earwax.
    Suggested by   @heatherforsure
  20. If 2016 was a sign, it would be this...
    Suggested by   @joeyphillips
  21. If 2016 were an actor, it would be Gary Busey.
    Seriously, use a hair brush. And lower your volume. And buy a non-Hawaiian print shirt.
    Suggested by   @heatherforsure
  22. If 2016 was an infomercial product, it would be the shakeweight
    Suggested by   @joeyphillips
  23. If 2016 was a church, it'd be Westboro Baptist.
  24. If 2016 was a liquor, it'd be Fireball
  25. If 2016 was a pregnancy test, it would be the Maury Povich show
    Suggested by   @joeyphillips
  26. If 2016 where a Mary it would be this Mary
    Suggested by   @marymurphy
  27. If 2016 were a football team, it'd be the Cleveland Browns.
    Suggested by   @cvlop61
  28. If 2016 were a type of ancient Greek column it would be Corinthian
    The sucky one
    Suggested by   @joemurphy
  29. If 2016 were a basketball team, it'd be the Washington Generals.
    Suggested by   @sarahmccoy
  30. If 2016 were triplets, it would be Mary Kate, Ashley Kate, and Mandy Kate Olsen
    Suggested by   @joeyphillips
  31. If 2016 were facial hair...
    Too long and unnecessary.
    Suggested by   @heatherforsure
  32. If 2016 was a Game of Thrones character, it'd be Joffrey.
  33. If 2016 was a road trip, it'd be bumper to bumper traffic.
  34. If 2016 was a Baldwin, it would be Daniel.
    Suggested by   @joeyphillips
  35. If 2016 was an Office character, it would be Toby Flenderson
    Suggested by   @kaitlinkav