I am lost. Asking for a friend.
  1. Who decided how to label socks?
    "Medium tall socks takes too long to say. I KNOW lets call them CREW SOCKS."
  2. Why are men the way that they are?
    This is a serious concern.
  3. Who decided that the "G" in "gyro" should be silent?
  4. Who declared that science was more necessary to learn than art?
    You need the stages of the water cycle? I got you, but if you need me to show you what an idea in my head looks like then FORGET IT.
  5. Why does my phone autocorrect to all caps?
    No WAIT, I know THIS answer.
  6. Why do British people call cookies "biscuits"?
  7. Who thought he was ever a good idea?
  8. Why did I wear a full body Eeyore costume four halloweens in a row?
    Let it be known that I was above the age of ten for all four excursions. SHAMEFUL.
  9. Why are all Starbucks inefficient and infuriating?
    Says me as I spill my coffee on myself after waiting 20 Minutes for it.
  10. Why can't you like comments on li.st?
    V upset.
  11. Why does Georgia consistently feel like Satan's armpit year round?
    Global warming is REAL.
  12. Why do computers make us check that stupid box to prove we're not robots?
    Like, is this a pressing matter?
  13. Who created the tandem bicycle? And what horrible thing happened to them that resulted in that idea?
  14. Are CDs irrelevant now? Seriously.
    I say as I give mix tapes out for Christmas presents.
  15. Why is my Directing Seminar teacher so extra?
    He's been legit feuding with Leo DiCaprio for 15+ years and he's SO petty.
  16. Why doesn't @list have a poll list option??
    I have important dilemmas that need anonymous votes!