Just Sassy Harry

HJP does not play in every single movie.
  1. Sorcerer's Stone
  2. He starts out fairly innocent.
    Just your casual furling of the eyebrows.
  3. He quickly becomes a practiced hand at pure sass.
    Pls don't strain yourself bebe Harry.
  4. Chamber of Secrets
  5. Dudders and Chubs start our journey in this installment.
    Dat lip curl tho 💯
  6. He's already dealt with the DADA incompetence at this point and facing Greasy Face just makes it worse.
    Draco's a twat so this was warranted.
  7. Prisoner of Azkaban
  8. Sass starts out strong in this installment.
    The ballooning of the bitch set the standards pretty high.
  9. He struggles to contain the sass at many turns.
    Pissed, but like @ Minnie: "We'll talk about this later."
  10. *Guest appearance of Savage Hermione, because god damnit.
    Ok moving on.
  11. Look at the sheer indifference on his smug little face
    Poker face peak TBH
  12. Goblet of Fire
  13. #sideeye
  14. Snape can't ever escape it
    Back again with the rolling eyes
    "Ur suposet 2 b smart mione."
  16. Neville doesn't deserve your sass, Harry!
    "Be nice." - my mother. Harry should learn from her.
  17. Settle down there shaggy
    *But like really, did no one understand what a haircut was in this film?
  18. Order of the Phoenix
    I just fainted from the sass mastery.
  20. Don't let it out. You can do it.
    @ Pink Satan - u suk
  21. Half Blood Prince
  22. Peak sass in this film quite frankly
  23. Pure disdain for Ron's nonsense
    @ Ron, HJP doesn't have time for your shit.
    Rip Pink Satan to shreds.
  25. Deathly Hallows
  26. Suddenly there are seven sassy Harrys and the real Harry is like "oh gawd."
  27. We see you, sassssss
  28. As Harry has aged his sass has become more subtle.
    However, no less striking.
  29. Same Sassy Harry. Same.
  30. In conclusion, Sassy Harry has no time for people's shit.