Vocally requested by @marymurphy
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    SAV β€”β€”> D.C.
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    We on dah busssss guys and we're driving through the night like bandits.
    Because feminism is our LYFE.
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    Pls excuse my pasty-ass, wide-eyed face in the corner of the picture, I'm TOO HYPE.
    I express myself in caps if you haven't CAUGHT ON.
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    So if you feel so inclined, come here for all of my ~no chill zoned~ depiction of the D.C. march.
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    If you're gonna be there and want to meet up with my lonely ass who decided to march in an unknown city, then feel free to comment.
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    Let me just say that I've only been on this bus for an hour and have already teared up twice out of excitement and in awe of this movement.
    GREAT DAY TO BE A WOMAN. @kaitlinkav
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    Our charter bus driver is telling war stories of his past trips. I. Am. SHOOK.
    All I have to say is bless his ministry.
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    We've officially made our grand entrance into D.C.
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    Goals for today: Hear Gloria Steinem and Scarlett Johansson speak, find Hope Solo and try not to scream, and see Chrissy Teigen and just say "giiiiiirrrrrrrrrlllll" and then hug her.
    Every one of them is far fetched except the former.
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    Also background: I spent two hours yesterday looking for my one lost "I'm with her" sock, so I could wear them today.
    Level of personal chill is immeasurable.
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    Y'all the most prominent line being repeated isn't even a chant. "It's a marathon, people. It's not a sprint. Quit walking so fast."
    I can't breathe.
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    It's all good though. Updates momentarily.
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    I hate cellphone service purgatory with a passion. I would die for Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson. I'm talking rip my heart out and serve it on a platter level commitment to my girl. I was in the crowd to her right, off stage left.
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    Madonna got a little bit too crazy, imma just say.
    Like you can't drop the f Bomb when there are children present.
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    Amy Schumer, my ultimate wanna be bff was there and I felt my heart actually explode. It's was a sensation I'll never be able to describe.
    Might have been a heart attack tbh.
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    Janet Mock = ICONIC
    ICYDK: She is an author and a filmmaker. Her newest project "The Trans List" debuted on HBO in Dec. I literally listened to an interview of her on the podcast Another Round yesterday and I was awoken.
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    @ LITTLE SOFIA: GURLLLLLL idk how old you are but you were SO educated and SO empowering and you're just a bilingual baby. I'm actually obsessed.
    This is the first time I cried.
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    Scarlet was ripping her speech uppppp. I AM SO WOKE NOW. God blesss.
    This only expounded upon my tears.
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    Y'all we need to talk about the sheer creativity Americans have when they are given markers and cardboard when they are ready to DRAG someone. Please enjoy a few of my favorite snaps below.
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    Saw a sign asking "WWHRCD?" HILL πŸ‘πŸΌ WOULD πŸ‘πŸΌ GET πŸ‘πŸΌ IN πŸ‘πŸΌ FOR πŸ‘πŸΌ MA πŸ‘πŸΌ TION πŸ‘πŸΌ. The end.
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    Also saw multiple Harry Potter and BeyoncΓ© themed signs and this one was my utter fave. He also knew his idea was worthy of a pic from a random stranger, hence the face.
    "There's a troll in the dungeon." YOU ARE CORRECT.
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    Saw Cinderella in a suit of armor instead of a dress.
    And I'm telling you, I have ascended to heaven.
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    Also Washington is WACK Y'ALL.
    Pls explain your decisions. I must understand.
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    Here's some of my real favorite snapshots I took today, added to this for your viewing pleasure.
    Unedited because I was too excited to share, so don't judge. Also, all mine mmmk.
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    Our bus peeps pre-march
    I know none of them from Adam, but bonded.
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  29. β€’
    She was shaking and couldn't stop smiling.
    I leaked tears a bit and she found herself a fan club.
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    I live for irony.
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    This man intrigued me, because his sign was crass but he was genuine. ? Idk.
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    Also Star Wars was RAMPANT.
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    He drew that and I would watch that adult animated comedy tbh.
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    I saw this and screamed in laughter.
    Bless her ministry.
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    Ok this was the most EXTRA I saw people being all day.
    ALL of these panties were used.
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    Everyone leaving their signs at the bottom of the Trump hotel.
    So petty. Much extra. Love It.
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    E st.
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    D.C. Has some boss ass wall art around the city.
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    The estimated, but unconfirmed, number for the march in D.C. is 1.2 million people.
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    ALSO Chloe Bennet walked directly next to me for a solid 3 minutes and I was too shocked to speak.
    I did stare shamelessly and smile at her. YEET.