NYE Trip is about to get lit. // To be updated throughout the day.
  1. My face when I spill my coffee on myself mid drive
  2. South Carolina really doesn't use their tax dollars for road repair.
  3. Embarrassed to say that it took me 20 Minutes to figure out how to open a package of pens for the bullet journal I'm making in the car.
    That'll tell you more about my mess of a life.
  4. "This feels very weird. I haven't worn pants since Sunday." - Katie
  5. I've also convinced her to join li.st so BLESSED.
  6. Update: We stopped to take pics at some pretty cool church ruins.
    @ Katie get out of my shot.
  7. "Why don't you li.st me walking through Purple Rain." - Katie
    Cue air drums being hit.
  8. "I listened to this for two days straight when Prince died."
    R u ok?
  9. "This trip is taking five fucking hours."
    She does not enjoy my company.
  10. "WHAT HAPPENED??" - Katie asking me about how the 1800s preacher guy died.
    My reaction 👆🏼
  11. "You should take fancy pictures of our Tang when we get to Charleston with your camera with your FANCY camera."
    (Tang being the actual orange drink) ok???
  12. "What's a ZAYN?" - Katie's peasant ass.
  13. YEET.
  14. Let it be known that it's a 3 hour drive to Myrtle from SAV and we left at 10am. It's taken us 5+ hours.
    Still an hour out.