#394 To stop being the way that I am.
  1. Stop voicing my opinions on sitcom TV.
    I understand that no one agrees that CBS is trash but I neglect to learn.
  2. Stop saying "retweet" in casual conversations.
  3. Stop referencing pop culture every time I open my mouth.
    I am not Shawn and Gus from Psych. *REPEAT* I AM NOT SHAWN AND GUS FROM PSYCH.
  4. Question why every resolution so far is for me to stop myself.
    I am trash.
  5. Become a vegan full time.
    This is already a path headed for destruction.
  6. Finish developing and start producing my podcast with @marymurphy
    Our opinions are the new religion.
  7. Be less problematic.
    Don't look at me.
  8. Stop questioning the emotional concern behind every face my dog gives me.
    He stares reflectively A LOT. I'm perturbed tbh.
  9. Exercise, like at least once.
  10. Seriously question my lack of concern for my every day fashion sense
    I am uncaring.
  11. Stop rolling my eyes so hard that I get a headache.
  12. Get my shit together
  13. Fight for equality and resist Trump
  14. Finally read the eight books I've had stacked on my bedside table for the past year.
    I have not forgotten you, Cheryl Strayed.