Rogue One Characters Sorted into Hogwart's Houses.

Because this is obviously a pressing matter.
  1. Galen Erso
  2. Answer:
    Hella smart to be able to design the Death Star and rig it to have a weakness without the Empire realizing it. God bless.
  3. Orson Krennic
  4. Answer:
    Ambition consumes him and really isn't a good color for his health, but what can you do? He's a snaaaaaaaaaaake. 🐍
  5. Saw Gerrera
  6. Answer:
    Honestly, Saw is problematic af. I equate his extremist views to ambition, so obviously he's a snake too. He's slithering around messing shit up.
  7. Bodhi Rook
  8. Answer:
    He's seeks to help the team at every turn and is extremely loyal to Galen. Always wants to do what's right and honestly he's too pure for this world.
  9. Baze Malbus
  10. Answer:
    Strong and empowering to the team, but always making sure that Chirrut is ok. Fearless and loyal, not to mention his hair is lion-like TBH.
  11. Chirrut Imwe
  12. Answer:
    He's cool, calm, and collected. Helps Jyn and Cassian achieve important revelations throughout the film. Wisdom is just oozing out of his combat staff.
  13. K-2SO
  14. Answer:
    His sass and pure disdain for Jyn in the beginning is typical of a natural slytherin. He knows he's valuable and is cunning and cynical. Snake through and through.
  15. Cassian Andor
  16. Answer:
    He's loyal almost to a fault, because of his acceptance to kill Galen Erso blindly. His bravery to ignore the order and do what's right is what earned him a spot with the crimson and gold.
  17. Jyn Erso
  18. Answer:
    This one took a lot of deliberation, because I feel like Jyn is a HJP-esque character. She had the chance to choose which path she wanted and she chose to abandon her self-preservation and risk it all. So while there were some Slytherin tendencies, she ultimately became a Gryffindor.