Top Criminal Minds Characters

Requested by @jessilee23 and I'm LIVING FOR IT. This is personal opinion so nobody best get their panties in a wad. This will be in descending order because: suspense - duh.
  1. #10 Elle Greenaway
    Season 1 she was okkkk, but then she went NUTS.
  2. #9 Kevin Lynch
    I'm sorry, but this GIF alone can tell you why I hate him.
  3. #8 Ashley Seaver
    Her dad was a serial killer and she couldn't bring herself to hate him for what he did. Need I say more. Also, annoying AF. Leave.
  4. #7 Jason Gideon
    He was touch and go on the like-ability scale, but ultimately RIP.
  5. #6 Aaron Hotchner
    Hotch is a great character, but his thinking face rubs me the wrong way EVERY. TIME. Be less serious, it's depressing.
  6. #5 David Rossi
    Everyone's favorite dad.
  7. #4 Emily Prentiss
    What a babe. Sad when she was no longer a regular, but blessed for season 12 and the RETURN.
  8. #3 Derek Morgan
    Why is he not my husband?
  9. #2 Spencer Reid
    He could be analyzing the mating patterns of ladybugs and I'd hang onto every word. Don't have a drug relapse tho pls. #ProtectReid2K17
  10. #1 Penelope Garcia
    She's a precious puppy and I want to adopt her, but her badassery is also enviable. I LOVE HER.