TV Universes I Would Thrive or Die In, Ranked

Requested by @marymurphy because she knows I'll spend hours on only this list. It's very methodical.
  1. 13.
    Gossip Girl
    I would suffocate from the pettiness and then die. UGHHHHHHH. I am Nate punching this entire show.
  2. 12.
    Vampire Diaries
    Ok would be successful, but also high key over it with all of the pointless romantic tension and redundant cure talk. Elena can GTFO. Eventually would 10/10 kill myself to escape the stupidity. STAHP CRYING BONNIE.
  3. 11.
    The Walking Dead
    Y'all imma be real. Would survive, but would not be happy about it. I'd kill those stupid walkers repeatedly, until I gave up hope of ever getting a real shower again in that shitty world. And then I'd just let god take me. I literally hate this show not sorry about it.
  4. 10.
    Edge of Tomorrow
    Would channel my Emily Bluntness and T.H.R.I.V.E. but then the day would start over and like tbh what's the point amirite?
  5. 9.
    Hunger Games
    I'm confident that I would make it to the top two at least, but then I would say something stupid and my life would end. Just your Average™ dystopian day.
  6. 8.
    Stranger Things
    80's me would be hella into kicking a demagorgon's assssssssss with the boys and Eleven. Give me a baseball bat IM LIVIN.
  7. 7.
    They both have the same ViBe. Team Arrow would be L.I.T. and I'd obvs be BFFs with Thea, but I'd also slap Oliver upside the head repeatedly for being too self-sacrificing. And idk if I'd be ok with holding that continuous responsibility. I'd defs hangout with Cat in Gotham all day eerrrrry day tho.
  8. 6.
    Good Girls Revolt
    My feminist self would join the revolution and my mouth would get me in some heated ~debatez~, but thriving is subjective.
  9. 5.
    Lord of the Rings
    Ok now we're getting somewhere, although I refuse to thrive unless I was born an elf. And unless I was in love with a king. Basically, be Arwen or be NOTHING.
  10. 4.
    The Flash/Supergirl
    10/10 would THRIVE. Would prefer Supergirl's earth to Barry's but would be content either way. Just give me some powers or a tricked out DEO gun and I'd die of happiness. Also with any excuse to actually know Lena Luthor and Alex Danvers, I'd be catatonic. So this could actually go either way.
  11. 3.
    Avatar the Last Airbender
  12. 2.
    The 100
    13/10 would thrive. I'd have killed that idiot Jaha LOOOOONNNNG before any of that shit with the AI happened. And I would have been Lexa's god damn personal bodyguard if it would have helped. #stillnotoverit.
  13. 1.
    Harry Potter
    I mean was there ever any doubt and do I really need to explain this AT ALL?? Mmmmk lemme give you a mental picture: Pink Satan vs. Me the battle of wills. She'd drown in my ability to breakdown every one of her petty, Fudge licking statements. *Cue me breaking every single one of her ugly-ass cat plates.