Why are we like this? (feat. @kaitlinkav)

We've been friends for a long time, but we just keep getting stupider. Below is the evidence. Here for your viewing pleasure.
  1. Because: *dabs* we are trash.
  2. Also, let it be known that she's bugging me about this list with severe impatience.
    Egotistical tbh.
  3. 👆🏽first, a little context.
  4. We met when she became my youth director during my sophomore year of high school.
    She wasn't prepared.
  5. First impression: She and our other leader, Mackay, came to eat lunch with us at school. I said "Hey nice to meet you.", slung my arm around her shoulders, and then brazenly proceeded to cuss out my chemistry teacher who I had a running war of wills with.
    She probably thought I needed more Jesus and hence began our journey of absurdity.
  6. Fast forward to college and I became her summer youth intern and then got promoted to her life intern, because she isn't good at adulting.
    But really.
  7. So now I deal with shit like this on a daily basis.
    Bagel is her terror of a dog.
  8. Someone help
  9. That one time I made the mistake of putting Purple Rain on her mixtape.
    Never again.
  10. Really bad pictures of each other are our staple product. We had a photo war on Insta for the entire duration of 2015.
  11. Like that one time I won at cards and made a rule that she had to put on a shirt every time someone played a five.
    Just your usual trash.
  12. In order to handle the absurdity of our friendship emotionally, I created a twitter account solely to troll Katie on the internet.
    I care.
  13. Highlights were as follows:
  14. And occasionally she trolls me back.
    Fifth grade was a dark age.
  15. One time Katie led a youth retreat and asked me to come from school to be a leader (pre-intern years) and as I graciously got everyone hot chocolate she left me stuck in the hotel elevator for ten minutes with no key card.
  16. I wish videos were allowed @list because then I'd post my library of videos showing me scaring her shitless.
    You can see them posted on my insta though.
  17. We lived together for a time.
    What an era. Too good. Too pure.
  18. I deal with her questionable logic daily.
  19. Like why?
  20. We're crazy but we love each other
    Everyone can see the stupidity of this post.
  21. This is the stupidest list I've ever made.
    Everyone should follow her too. @kaitlinkav Good night. Amen.
  22. EDIT: She's also wanting me to create a painting for her office.
  23. Currently dealing with this
  24. Kind of frustrating
  25. I'm handling it well though, I must say.
  26. Also.
    I'm ded.