Wizarding Modes Of Transportation, Ranked

God DAMNIT @supabg you've found my vice in all things Harry Potter.
  1. 16.
    Boat in a Cursed Cave full of Inferi
    ABORT MISSION. It literally could only end in fire and Harry should have just cast Aguamenti straight into Dumbledore's desert mouth.
  2. 15.
    Boogies. Vertigo. Troll smell. No thank you.
  3. 14.
    Rogue Gringott's Trolley
    10/10 wouldn't recommend this choice of transpo, because jagged rocks do not make for nice safety nets.
  4. 13.
    Slippery Snake Skin Covered Pipe
    It's like a giant slide full of dead scales and rat feces. It's not the rollercoaster of everyone's dreams.
  5. 12.
    Floo Powder
    Charcoal and ash is only marginally better than fecal matter, but there's a chance you'll have the black lung if this mode is used excessively.
  6. 11.
    Vanishing Cabinet
    Ok now we're getting somewhere; however, make sure that the chosen cupboard is in working order. Otherwise you'll end up stuck in a toilet like Montague.
  7. 10.
    Flying Motorbike
    Has the potential to be extremely fun and carefree! Would not board if there's even a 0.0067% chance of being attacked in the air.
  8. 9.
    Angsty Flying Car
    Again this is also potentially exhilarating, but apparently Ford Angela's contain maaaajor teenage angst when crashed into a whomping willow.
  9. 8.
    Blissfully airy. If you know how to land. PEDDLE THOSE LEGS CEDRIC.
  10. 7.
    Dragon Ex-detainee
    87% chance of a rocky start, but the final views of the countryside zooming below you will be worth the turbulence. (maybe)
  11. 6.
    Magical Locomotor
    The equivalent of ~vanilla~ magical transportation. You like safety and comfort? Welcome home. LAME-Os.
  12. 5.
    It's like your very own Pegasus from the Underworld! Make sure to have plenty of raw meat on hand though, or you could end up losing yours.
  13. 4.
    Jarring when your entire body compresses, but the time factor overrides most of the discomfort.
  14. 3.
    Mythical creatures are obviously the most promising modes of getting from one side of the massive lake to the other. You don't even need reigns!
  15. 2.
    Pure Smoke
    I want to be able to dissolve. That is all.
  16. 1.
    Honestly was there ever any doubt. All of us have the dream that one day flying broomsticks will actually be invented and Quidditch will FINALLY become real.