I did some stuff this year. Some other stuff I didn't do this year. Here's a list about it.
  1. I forgot several birthdays, specifically both of my nephews.
    The one drawback of not being present on Facebook is constantly forgetting birthdays. I felt embarrassed and ashamed about it.
  2. I went to the Super Bowl!
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    Traffic wasn't that bad! It was very packed and very loud and very overwhelming for someone who doesn't love crowds, but an experience I'll never forget.
  3. I doubled down on my love for my cat.
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    Started an Instagram account for him. Fuck it. ACATNAMEDWALLACE. Check it out.
  4. I tried to stop worrying about asking people for favors.
    Hosted a live show and a podcast, and needed tons of help from plenty of people. Asked them for it. 90% of the time they said sure! Tried not to take the other 10% personally.
  5. I outgrew some old friendships.
    It's a strange thing to negotiate as one gets older. People change, others don't. Felt like I could put up with a lot more when I was younger. Happy to have had these friendships when I did, but won't beat myself up for realizing they've run their course.
  6. I finally showed up for jury duty!
    Bailed on jury duty 2 or 3 times. Finally did my civic duty, while nursing a debilitating hangover. They never called my name.
  7. The house fell through.
    Would have been cool to buy that house. Damn.
  8. I bet on myself.
    Took a risk. Tried to play the long game, in exchange for giving up short term fiscal comfort. Proud of myself for it.
  9. I got a Known Traveler Number.
    Now I can fly through airport security! Best 80$ I ever spent.
  10. I stopped meditating.
    Lost the discipline. Want to pick it back up again, but am struggling with the time commitment, even though it improved the quality of my life. Maybe I'll start again tonite.
  11. I caught a foul ball!
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    I DID!
  12. I worried about my own vanity.
    Still do.
  13. I got a job I really wanted.
    Yes! Wanted that one real bad! Got to work with smart storytellers and play a compelling character.
  14. I didn't get a job I really wanted.
    Would have been great to have gotten that job and worked with such incredible people. Didn't get it. Felt bad. Beat myself up about it, pondered the chance of going through a prolonged stretch of unemployment, maybe I'm too old/balding/round faced/big eared.
  15. I didn't fall in love.
    There's always next year...