Thanks to @oh_goodlord for requesting this list and forcing me to face a hard ass truth: I ain't that well read.
  1. Infinite Jest
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    Will this be the year? Have had it in my life since an intern friend at the Northern Stage Theater Company gave it to me in the winter of 2000. Have 2 copies, actually. Have tried twice before, but haven't been able to tackle it. Worth it? Should I do it with friends?
  2. Middlesex
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    Have this sitting on my bookshelf, and I know I should crack it open. Tried a few years back, and couldn't get into it, which is surprising considering I've read all of his other books and loved them. Need to do it.
  3. The life of Aaron Burr
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    I keep getting told this is an incredible character study, and turns the universal thoughts about Burr on their ears. I don't love biographies, unless it's about someone I already adore, but is this the exception?
  4. Love in the time or cholera
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    Keep getting told it's a masterpiece worthy of my time. Why have I kept passing on this fucker? I mean, it won a NOBEL PRIZE!
  5. Catch 22
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    Own this baby, and have started it before, but then gave up. Was I not ready? Was I not prepared? Am I now??
  6. Any Neil Gaiman
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    Where do I go first?
  7. Delillo... A few
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    His new book, Zero K, comes out this year, so I should read White Noise and Underworld, right? Know nothing about him.
  8. A Drinking Life
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    I love Pete Hamill. He's just the bet. This is his memoir of being a hard drinking newsman in NYC. Right up my alley, romancing the city I've loved the most, about a subject I find fascinating. Augustan Burroghs doesn't write Dry if not for this baby.
  9. Faulkner!
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    Look at that pick! Sitting jauntily in his classroom, reading a book and smoking a pipe and looking content and happy AF. Haven't read anything of his, because I have trouble identifying with the south. Sound and the Fury? As I Lay Dying? Absalom Absalom? Help me out...
  10. Anna Karenina
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    Tolstoy. Ooph. Seems dense and boring. Should I read Pride and Prejudice first? This is way down on the list, but id like to see what the fuss is all about.