Just haven't gotten around to it.
  1. Bladerunner
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    Harrison Ford in the future? Future cop?
  2. Blue Velvet
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    Hopper gets real weird, right?
  3. Dr. Strangelove
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    This one I'm real embarrassed about. I started once and never finished it. Shame.
  4. Fatal Attraction
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    She cray. I think.
  5. Reality Bites
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    I dunno...
  6. Cabin Boy
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    I don't HAVE to see this, right?
  7. Face Off
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    Just... I mean. Ugh. Who cares?
  8. Metropolis
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    This is important, I'm guessing.
  9. Eraserhead
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    Picked it up a bunch of times... Then put it back down.
  10. Withnail and I
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    Drug addicts British guys? Bad shit happens? Dark shit I hear.