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  1. My first cell, when I moved to NY in 2000. My brother gave me his phone, and got an upgrade and a new number, but for months I'd still get his rando friends calling me at all hours looking to score tons of blow. Just kidding, my brother never dealt blow.
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  2. This beauty. I remember the excitement I'd feel when it would buzz, showing the number to my commercial agent. Got the news of my first commercial (Xbox volleyball game) on this phone. Also was awoken on 9/11 by this phone. Thanks for the call, Dad. (Who worked at Logan airport)
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  3. Clamshell, mother fuckers. And it had a camera! Sooooo many drunken nights at Sweetups in Williamsburgh taking poorly lit photos of Kieran and Neil and Adam and Kramer and Jason and the crew.
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  4. Time to grow up
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    Bought this fella at a mall in Albany while I was working in the berkshires that summer. For the next two weeks, everywhere I went, people wanted to touch it.
  5. Marlon Brando's home phone
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    I'm a collector. Game used uniforms, first edition books, Academy award winning actors' phones. Typical stuff.