Wish I hadn't stopped learning MS-DOS
  1. Flip Your Phone - when you want to "fight the urge to live inside your telephone,"(J. Isbell). Changes your phone from smart to the equivalent of a 90s flip phone(for a time)so you can focus on family and friends.
  2. Instant Affirmator - with the push of a button, in a voice you choose, hear just how awesome, smart, or good looking you are. Uses location to fit context: at work - "you're the bomb!"; near an ex's house - "She wasn't good enough for you."
  3. Buffet Buddy - one button finds the buffets in your area. Paid version will tell how many linear feet of food is available and the nearest place to buy Tums.
  4. FastPage - uses Bluetooth or some other voodoo to raise your restaurant pager higher on the list. Cuts wait times dramatically. Paid version lets you bid to outrank other FastPage users at same establishment.
  5. MissCalCulator - "Accidentally" miscalculates the amount of calories in your meals. Sure you won't lose weight, but at least it's not your fault.
  6. Angel Investors wanted.