I need to remember what the wifey wants for Christmas.
  1. Locally made Afghan - it's a blanket, and hopefully not offensive.
  2. Kentucky for Kentucky throwback "K" shirt
  3. Local artist print
  4. Essential Wide Spread Panic - she's not a WSP fan, and didn't ask for this, but she loves me and is going to their concert with me.
  5. Lululemon tights - again, I don't know if she wants them, but I sure want her to have them.
  6. BroomWagon t-shirt
  7. Star Wars t-shirt
  8. Assorted Nose rings
  9. That book in Morris Book Shop that I can't remember the title.
  10. Stocking Stuffers from Wheeler, the Break Room, and Sidebar.
  11. Another year of wedded blist(see what I did there?)
  12. Humping Horses socks from Southern Socks