For some reason I really like to list about List.
  1. How many times am I going to hit the number and not the star when I want to "Like" a list?
  2. Why do I feel like my lists need to be 8-10 items long when my favorite lists to read are 3-5 items long?
  3. Why do I want to shut the door on List and not let anybody else in? I should want this thing to grow, but I just learned the secret handshake!
  4. Where did this happy envy come from? Folks have lists that are hilarious, deep, smart, etc. I love it...and dealing with some jealousy.
  5. We should develop a Secret Santa type thing for every holiday. I can't wait to secretly send a stranger a tree sapling on Arbor Day!
  6. On this list I will stop at 5 items...dang, messed that up.